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Aug 25, 2018

Available now!! "GREAT JOURNEY OF KARATE 3" with English subtitles! 6 episodes will be streaming on subscription service over upcoming weeks!


The Great Journey series is about searching for the origin of Karate by Tatsuya Naka of the Japan Karate Association.
At last, the 3rd journey takes place in China.

This trip unveils the differences and commonalities between Chinese martial arts, Okinawan Karate, and Shotokan.
Tatsuya Naka and Chinese martial artists perform demonstrations at Southern Shaolin Temple,
and a surprising training method of Wu Zu Quan is witnessed.

The path that martial arts took from China to Okinawa, then to the main island of Japan is slowly rising to the surface.

Welcome to the Great Journey.
A journey in pursuit of solving the mysteries of Karate.

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