Hello Hu Shin Kai Members!

Hu Shin Kai will host a seminar and dojo tournament event!  Two of our top competitors, Sensei Nayro and Sensei Carlos will give a Seminar on  competitive Kumite training from Wednesday September 7th up to Friday September 9th, all culminating into our Dojo Tournament on Saturday September 10th.

Sensei Nayro Isaac Dominguez Gavia is a multinational champion, a multi university champion as well as Central American and Caribbean medalist, Us Open Medalist and a Mexico national team member. In addition to his medals, Sensei Nayro also has a Ph. D in sports science and trains athletes in a fantastic combination of karate and science. 

Sensei Carlos Julian Villarreal is also a multi national and multi university champion as well as a Central American and Caribbean multi medalist, Pan-American multimedalist, Olympic candidate and US Open multi medalist. Recently Sensei Carlos won gold in the Iberoamerican Championships 2022 in the -75 kg division which took place in Santiago de Cali, Colombia. 

The schedule for the seminar portion can be found below:

Day Wednesday – 7th Thursday – 8th Friday – 9th
5pm-6pm Beginner Class (regular) Beginner Class (regular)
6pm-7pm General Kumite General Kumite General Kumite
7pm-8pm Competitor Kumite Competitor Kumite Competitor Kumite


Here is also the pricing for the seminar:

Level 1 day seminar 2 days seminar 3 days seminar
Beginner (less than 1 year of training) $15 $30 $45
Intermediate (More than 1 year of training) $25 $50 $75
(Usually brown belts or higher)
$35 $60 $85

We will also offer:

  • Family Discount – 25% discount per family member of lower cost.

For the tournament all members are encouraged to participate and attend. There will be four categories:


  • For this event 2 competitors will perform a kata of their choice and will advance rounds using a flag based system. All levels are encouraged for this category.


Sanbon Kumite

  • Competitors will perform 3-step sparring similar to exam events.  They will be judged according to their correct form, accuracy, power and spirit based on a flag system to pass to the next round. White belts up to blue belts are encouraged to participate in this event. 


Jiyu Kumite

  • Free sparring will be reserved for purple belts and higher. Competitors are required to wear protective gear (mouth guards, fist guards, shin guards, helmets, groin cups, chest guards) in a free sparring style match for 3 minutes. 


Hu Shin Kai Dojo Tournament 

Saturday September 10th, 2022

  • Location: 3935 Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60641
  • Registration for the tournament will close on Thursday September 8th after class.
  • Please report to the dojo at 9:30am on Saturday September 10th, 2022


Pricing for tournament will be as following:


Tournament 1 Event 2 Events
Pricing $20 $25


We encourage all members to participate as a first experience into competition as well as enjoy and learn from the vast knowledge and experience both Sensei Nayro and Sensei Carlos have to offer. In addition we will also invite other dojos from Chicago to this event so there will be new faces and opportunities to make new friends!


Please feel free to contact Sensei Toshihide “Tony” Nakamura for any questions in regards to the seminar or tournament.


We look forward to seeing all of you there!


Hu Shin Kai Karate